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Geneva Host Family Stays In Touch With Danish Pupil For Years|mysuburbanlife.com

And now he has two children and a wife. So it was our turn to go there. Schelkopf: So, youve literally seen him grow up over the years. Boelke: Exactly. We keep in touch through Skype and his return visits, and we write notes and call him. Schelkopf: What made you want to host a foreign exchange student in the first place? Boelke: I felt like I really wanted my children to understand the different cultures and the different ways of Europe. And I do believe that they learned quite a bit from him. He lived with us for a year. He went through Geneva High School and completed his senior year there. His very favorite teacher there was Roxanne Curtis, the music teacher. And she did teach him a lot. He was in many of the groups, like the jazz group and the different groups that she had for the music students. And he always played guitar up in his room. Schelkopf: And now he fronts his own band. Boelke: He does. Schelkopf: He was at your house for a year. What types of things did you try to introduce him to? Boelke: Well, of course, we went into Chicago, and we went to the ice skating rink. We went to lots of places around Kane County, like the Kane County Fair.
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Social Media Rules by 'Orange is The New Black' - SEW

The perfect example of a visual use of a hashtag to truly dominate mobile and social networks. 2. Curate Visuals That Tell Your Story Across All Social Screens & Channels By strategically using visuals to represent the show's latest news, #OITNB uses an overarching cover image that represents all the characters' personality and the announcement of season two. The cover image takes into consideration the mobile users experience on social. Great social PR and branding idea: Most visuals are watermarked with the Netflix logo and the show's logo for clear visual messaging to busy mobile users. Any brand can implement this strategy! 3. Empower Brand Advocates to be Part of Your News Reporting Team The cast of #OITNB shares and reports news from their personal social media networks. How about igniting your cast of characters, your employees, to be part of your social sharing network? Employees can reach and audience 10x larger than the audience your brand is reaching and can receive 8 times the engagement your brand is receiving, according to SocialChorus . By empowering your employees to share and interact as your brand ambassadors, this can open up a whole new world of social media distribution channels. 4. Unlock Social Promotions and Social Talk Shows in Real Time Going from the TV screen to social and mobile screens, #OITNB connects with fans via social media conversations that ignite audience excitement in the form of comments, interactions, and social sharing. Twitter Chats #AskOrange has a different character guest each time putting them in the Twitter spotlight up front for fans to directly communicate with them. Facebook Q&A with the show's characters trigger a flood of questions and comments. If you have a new product or want to tackle some frequently asked questions, try hosting a Facebook chat and watch your audience engagement grow. 5. Power up Engagement With Your Audience in Mind Start a conversation that produces user-generated content you can engage with and repurpose in your social channels. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used to ask fans to submit a photo of themselves wearing orange on Wednesdays to show their fan fare. They provide a visual example of what they're looking for, along with this copy: "Let's show the world that Orange fans are best! Wear Orange tomorrow and upload a photo with #OnWednesdaysWeWearOrange!" Instagram has 3,000+ photos tagged with #onwednesdayswewearorange. 6. Promote Across the Social Borders for Ultimate Success Yes, we want to drive traffic to our website for the ultimate conversion. But don't forget that the digital journey is up to your audience and is almost never a direct path from social media to website action. Get social real-istic and use your established social channels to promote others, like these Facebook posts driving Facebook fans to Instagram and Tumblr . "They're creatively is present across the spectrum of social channels, from trendy Instagram to the less mainstream and 'geekier' Google+," said Virginia Nussey, content and media manager at Bruce Clay Inc. 7. These posts are liked, shared, and retweeted thousands of times by fans. The same types of content opportunities might not be available in other brands, but the concept can be done by any size brand using photos from trade shows or conferences with key quotes or messaging. 8. Be Relevant to Fans in All of the Languages They Speak. OITNB creates and shares character emojis (totes brill) . 9. Give Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Peek Into the Real Lives of Characters This tactic never gets old, providing your sneak peek content is interesting.
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